Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There Ain't No Granola Bars In Baseball!

Well ... we've been home for two days and it's a great feeling. You know how you feel when you get away from home for a week and then return? Ahhhh. The best.

Tonight ... after work, we changed into our Rays shirts, headed to the stadium and watched The Rays beat up on the Red Sox.

It was a beautiful thing.

There was a slight change in our routine, however. Ordinarily, we would get to the stadium, buy a couple of dogs and fill them with mustard, get a couple of beers ... maybe a bag of peanuts ... maybe a couple of more beers ... and eat our way through nine innings.

I am now officially a porker.

After getting off the boat and not being able to see my feet ... I knew it was serious diet time. Plus ... I felt like crap. Debbie thinks she is a porker too but I believe she's only gained a pound ... I, on the other hand, became pregnant with twins.

Don Zimmer (pictured) has nothin' on me (except 20 years or so).

Debbie made sure we didn't fall into the food trap tonight ... so she packed granola bars and bananas. Remember that great line from A League of Their Own: " There ain't no crying in baseball!" Well trust me ... "There ain't no granola bars in baseball, either."

We compromised after we got there ... grilled chicken and popcorn sans beer.

I'm full as a tick!


Sam said...

Mr. Momberg!
I too have just started a blog... albeit bare as of now. But I was wondering if you would mind if I left the link in a couple comments on your page? I get a better grade in my web publishing class if I have more comments.
Thank you!
Samantha Ford

joel said...

Sure Sam .... Give me your link!

Sam said...

my blog is
my actual website is

Thank you so much!

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