Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Cole and Fast Food Stories

Just got back from Savannah for a visit with the perfect grandchild. Yes ... that's right ... Cole Benjamin Cohen, son of Steven and Nikki. The boy is in the 105th percentile in height and weight and head circumference. Two more pounds and he will be just 10 pounds lighter than me.

Cute? You be the judge ... check out the picture at left, Cole bundled in his stroller fast asleep.

It was a quick trip ... drove up on Friday and home on Sunday. We had a blast with the little prince. Can't wait until he walks and talks (probably next week at his growth rate).

Last time we were here, Nikki was still in the hospital and we were in charge of breakfast pick up. Atlanta Bread Company was next to our hotel and happened to be her favorite. I mentioned this in a prior post. I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on a sesame seed bagel.

The server asked: "Did you want the black seeds or the white seeds?"

"I didn't know there was a choice in sesame seeds."

The manager corrected her and showed her what poppy seeds looked like. Seriously.

On this trip, we again visited Atlanta Bread and were surprised to find out that they had no clue what iced coffee was even though it was on the menu.

"Um ... we can give you coffee and put some ice in it."

"Never mind, we will get it at Starbucks next door."

We also visited a diner late on Saturday night. Our waitress was Beautii. That is not a typo. She had a hand made name tag with rainbows, stars and BEAUTII drawn on it. Debbie asked what flavor ice creams they had. She said vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Deb ordered vanilla and chocolate. She was served strawberry and vanilla.

Deb asked: "Are you out of chocolate?"

"No." said Beautii. "I can get you some if you want."

Up to this point, these were the only two experiences with fast food places in Georgia. But we were about to get the experience of a lifetime at Dunkin' Donuts in Brunswick, Georgia on the way home. I posted a picture so that you could be sure to MISS this DD if you happen to pull off of I-95 for gas.

As we entered the front door (Deb had to use the restroom so no drive thru), we should have realized there was a problem. The line was outrageously long. The server looked confused but we couldn't hear what she was doing until it was our turn.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes ... I'd like an egg white veggie flatbread and ..."

"What would you like that in ... a wrap?"

"Huh?" I asked. "No, a flatbread."

"Okay ... so that's an eggwhite veggie wrap."

"No. flatbread."

"Um ... I don't see that here." She was looking at her keypad.

We pointed to the picture for her. She still punched in a wrap ... then erased it and called her manager. He did it for her.

"What would you like to drink?"

"Coffee coolatta with skim milk."

She pressed hot chocolate.

"I think you pushed the wrong one ... hot chocolate?"

"Oh ... he must have done that." She blamed the manager.

Debbie's order was completely screwed up because she ordered a cappuccino blast. An hour later ... we were on the road. I KID YOU NOT.

Oh well ... you live and learn.

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