Sunday, March 10, 2019

Colonel Condo

This weekend, we are staying at our sweet little condo in Pass a Grille. Gorgeous day, clear water, not a care in the world ... we start on a walk to the Sea Horse for breakfast when all of a sudden ...

"Hellllooooo ..." The voice that instantly creates a dark cloud cover over the beach. There she was standing there with a baseball cap covering (let's see what color hair is it this week) blonde, I think. Last month was bright red, then black and even blue once.

I wanted to say, "Helloooo NEWMAN." But instead we exchanged pleasantries with Colonel Condo herself. Debbie was much nicer than me (not a big surprise). "Hi (name deleted to protect ... us) I didn't recognize you ... sorry ... your hair color is different."

"Blonde this month. Hahaha keeps my husband interested, you know?"

"Pretty day huh?" Debbie said.

"Oh yes it is." She paused and looked at me. "Glad I ran into you. You know that problem we've had in 205 with the water leak ... coming from your stack ... we have to fix that."

I jumped in. "You mean the air conditioning unit that you said was our fault because our pipes were dripping downstairs?" She glared over her sunglasses. "Remember our air conditioning guy came out a month ago and looked at the whole unit and said there is no way it was ours."

"I know I know,"She said. "I'm not pointing fingers."

"Really? You just said it was coming from our stack."

"Oh no. I am just saying its gotta be fixed. 205 is driving me crazy."

"Well maybe you should hire a contractor to check out the whole stack."

She just rolled her eyes and continued to talk to Debbie. "It's just one thing after another. You guys are fine. It's the old lady in 205 that will be gone soon thank God. Nursing home."

I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to cut this short. "Well we gotta run ... breakfast is calling"

"Okay! See you soon." To Debbie, "By the way we had to move your chairs back that you moved around the pool area."

I had so many comebacks ... but I was quiet (because Debbie was squeezing the blood out of my arm.)

By the way, as we were talking, this neighbor walks by. No one questions him about anything. Go and figure.

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John Williams said...

Joel, there is NO, and I mean NO, way I could survive in an HOA invironment! My hat is off to you! But the guy in the picture seems to have taken off more than his hat to you!

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