Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Highs and Lows of SNL (Just my Opinion)

Just watched SNL’s last show of the season that I recorded last night. It was a good one. Some of the sketches reminded me of SNL from the past

The open was a spoof ... “It’s a Wonderful Trump”.  Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller and Matt Damon all made cameo appearances. Funny stuff ... really. So was most of the show. Matt Damon hosted and was so impressive.

But then Leslie Jones appeared ... late in the show (thankfully). Just my opinion but I think she not only adds nothing, but she detracts from the other players. Is it me or do you think she should have been canned years ago? Everybody else can play multiple characters, do great impressions and are generous in their collaboration.

She’s the one weak spot.

Oh ... Wait ... I forgot Weekend Update. Michael Che has all the personality of  another Michael ... Mike Pence.

Long live Kate, Kenan and Cecily!

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