Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit Tour Continued

Last night, we took a cruise down the Thames with 200 of our closest friends (actually it was a group of students and faculty from USF).  We also spotted our old friend, sunken ship hunter and author David Mearns who lives in London. He is an alum of the College of Marine Sciences and a wealth of information about ... Everything!

Here are some pictures:

The real London Bridge. 
The Tower Bridge ... Which everyone mistakes for the London Bridge. 
The tallest building in Europe known as The Shard

The Walkie Talkie ...They name buildings differently here.

 City Hall
A museum that now houses the aquarium. 

An old clock that breaks a lot. 

That's our tour of London so far. We wound up in a pub watching Iceland beat England in soccer. Iceland? There are only 4 people in Iceland. 

It's been a bad week for England!

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