Saturday, November 21, 2015

Miss You Man

Happy birthday, Wayne.

Lots of changes since we last talked. Dad died last year. You probably knew that. I imagine that you've run into him up there. (He is up there isn't he?) I was always impressed with how much patience you had with him ... more than I did. And with mom too. Hey, do they get along up there? Are you keeping things under control?

This past year, Deb and I took Mom and Dad back to New Orleans. You would have enjoyed it. Went to all their favorite spots and then left their remains in Lake Pontchartrain (where they always wanted to live  and ... as you know... could never afford it.)

Your nieces and nephew miss you.  You'd be so proud of them.

Josh (who looks more and more like you as he gets older) gets married at the end of the year. He and Theresa tie the knot on New Years Eve. Cool huh? It's a small wedding ... just family and their friends. He's working for the Rays, by the way, and loving it.    

Alissa and her husband Nate moved from DC to St. Pete. They just closed on a house a few blocks from us now. She's working for WellCare as the state wide communications director.

And Nikki has a new baby ... Grace. What a cutie! Four months old and sharing the love with her big brother Cole who just turned two. Nikki is now a partner in her Internal Med practice in Savannah. She and hubby Steven also just bought a beautiful house. We will see them all on Thanksgiving.

Hard to believe you've been gone for 20 years. Miss you Wayne. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.  

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