Saturday, November 23, 2013

Giving Thanks

With the holidays upon us, I get into my Christmas movie binge and pretend to be a gentile.

I always felt like I was missing something growing up Jewish and watching all my gentile friends getting into the spirit ... and getting presents. Their families had the big Christmas dinners ... I was so jealous (since my mom didn't even turn on the oven because it would get dirty).

Last night I looked through Netflix for a good old fashioned Jesus movie for Debbie and me. You know ... one about a guy who loses his faith, gets hit by a bus, turns to drugs and alcohol, questions God and then is visited by an angel at Christmas (maybe when he walks out of an AA meeting) to remind him that he should be thankful for what he does have and, eventually, through adversity he gains strength.

This morning I thought I'd try it out on myself. So I thought about the days when I used to smoke and drink and gamble and stay out late ... now in adversity with my crazy medical problems I made up my new Christmas prayers:

Thank you God for giving me these headaches so I have an awareness that my brain still works,

Thank you God for the heart murmurs that remind me to listen to my heart,

Thank you God for allowing me to trip Friday night and bust up my knee so that I can sit back for a few weeks to appreciate life and watch more movies.

Who am I kidding ... I feel like crap, I'm Jewish and I was healthier when I smoked, drank, gambled and stayed out late. But then again ... I probably wouldn't be here if I still lived like that ... right?

Okay ... how about thanks for my wife Debbie (who puts up with all my whining), my kids Nikki, Alissa and Josh ... and my new grandson ... COLE.

Now that beats any Christmas present.

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