Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Vacation Pt. 1

Yes ... we are taking a REAL Christmas vacation.

Day 1

Loaded up a rental car from Enterprise and off we went to Savannah to see the kids. Why a rental car you might ask? Good question ... you see we are going to New York for the remainder of our vacation and decided to drive to Savannah, fly to NY and fly back to Tampa.

Clever huh?

Debbie found a great place to park our car ... only 10 miles from the airport and we save $1 a day. It took about a half hour and a heated discussion with the guy who wanted to rip her off and charge her extra when she actually drove in to change her mind. I was more than happy to pay the extra dollar to park at the airport.

So off we went ... only a couple of hours behind schedule.

The Jeep was old school. That is ... basic radio, power windows and a/c. Man ... I am spoiled. I complained the whole way until we stopped for gas (the first time). We had barely made it outside of Orlando and we were already 3/4 of a tank down. I thought we must have sprung a leak. Only after I  filled up the tank for about $10 was it that I realized that we had a tank the size of coca cola can.

We puttered into Savannah at about six and were greeted by the most adorable little faces and the words I was dying to hear: "Papa... can I play with your phone?" and ... "ARE THOSE PRESENTS FOR ME???"

Grace and Cole immediately made us forget all about the drive and just about everything else. Nik and Steven loaded us into their golf cart and we all drove through the neighborhood bundled up ... and screaming for joy at every string of lights or plastic Santa. What a joy!

But ... before our drive we had Chinese food (apparently a hold over from Nikki's childhood as a half Jewish child).

Then ... of course came the presents and the two of them tore through the little race cars, reading books, pop guns, puzzles and pjs ... Grace spent a few more minutes snuggling her new doll ... named Grace.

Just look at these faces. Hard to leave.

Stay tuned for part 2 in New York. 

 Merry Christmas !!!

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