Sunday, December 4, 2016

(Old) Boys' Night Out

Thursday night was "Boys Night Out".

Nine of us met at BJs restaurant for drinks, a meal and then ... a movie: "Bad Santa 2". None of our wives were interested in the movie. In fact, I think they were relieved that we all wanted to go see it together.

Started out with a lot of loud jokes, insults and bad behavior. We have all known each other long enough to pick on sensitive areas. Ray's cheap, Doug's voice is loud, Mark's bald, Tom has a nasty gas problem ... you get the picture. 

Sex and defecation are universal targets.

About 15 minutes after we sat down, the conversation changed to what all old guys talk about. Nope ... not good looking women or athletic prowess ... we all talk about each other's medical issues,

Back problems, blood thinners, urinary issues and colonoscopies were popular themes. A few of us are frequent fliers so we could really embellish tales about stuff like what happens when you get a catheter inserted before and pulled out after surgery.

There were a couple of younger guys that had no clue about the stuff we were talking about but I noticed they hardly touched their food.

Mark picked up the tab for the meal. It was very generous and we all thanked him (although no one offered to chip in. We aren't stupid).

Turns out that Ray bought all the tickets to the movie in advance. We were all shocked. Most of us said "Really? Ray did that? Oh ... he bought all of them at senior prices."  (Steve bought his early because I guess he thought that there would be a big crowd).

Once we got to the theater we realized that other than our one row, there were only 5 other people in the whole place.

We settled in, watched Billy Bob, the elf and his momma do unspeakable acts, use the most disgusting language, beat the hell out of each other and tell the most vicious jokes about women, little people and children that you could imagine.

All in all ... we had a great time!  

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