Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Waste Makes Haste or (something like that)

What is it with tiny trash cans (sorry ... "Wastebaskets")?

I hate them. 

They serve no purpose. I have one in my closet that can only accommodate one wire hanger and a plastic dry cleaner bag. If the hanger sticks up too far it constantly tips over. 

So therefore I have to empty it every day (into a bigger trash can). 

Conversely my bathroom has an oversized wastebasket. 

My guess is ... it provides a home for the huge number of used Qtips, Kleenex and cotton balls that I go through in a week.

I could let that one fill up for a year and still have plenty of room. 

My office has a small round wastebasket that sits under my desk. 

It's really not for documents or any big items ... Mostly pens that run out of ink or the occasional sticky note or an employee that misbehaves. 

The challenge here is that I typically reach under the desk to throw stuff away and constantly miss the basket. I wish it was more squared off to fit against the sides. 

But then again ...this is just the small stuff. 

Why worry about wastebaskets when there are so many other far more important items to worry about? Like why there are 300 Pokemon Go players outside my office window ...

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