Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Penny for your Thoughts

I just listened to a funny routine about men's brains vs women's brains. We've all heard  variations on this theme ... this one was entertaining and really hit home ...

Men have brains filled with boxes. Each one is different and each is separate. When a man wants to discuss a subject he pulls out a box and opens it up. When he's finished he closes it, puts it away and opens another one. No boxes touch ... EVER.

Women on the other hand have brains that are like a continuous wire. EVERYTHING is connected back to the beginning of time. Thoughts, emotions, events are all together. That's why women remember everything and men are limited to their boxes.

I almost forgot. There is one box that is the absolute favorite of men. It's EMPTY. Whenever he can, a man takes this box out and has it open for hours. This is why men can do mindless things for long periods of time like fishing or watching a game on TV ... doesn't matter which game or even which sport.

Women don't understand this because they can't ever do nothing ... too much activity up there. Hence the perennial question that women have for a man ... "So ... What's on your mind?"

Man answers ...  "Ummm ... Nothing."

Woman ... "Right! Can't we ever have a meaningful discussion?"

Man ... "Yes. Sure we can."

Woman ... "Apparently not."

Man ... (Straining to have a thought) "Wanna watch the game?"


Lilly Rowling said...

Hello Joel,
Great piece of writing, I love to read all your articles and stories.
Keep it up.

joel said...

Thank you Lilly.

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