Monday, September 21, 2015

It's All Greek To Me

Tomorrow we fly to Greece.

It's the first two week vacation that Deb and I have ever taken ... EVER. Before this, a week seemed like an eternity. And now ... we have graduated.  We entered a whole new world of travel and time away from work.

But first things first: Packing

Packing for 14 days apparently takes more time and effort than packing for the weekend.
Debbie tried on about 30 "outfits" for about three hours. Of that group, 20 will make the trip. An outfit includes clothing, shoes and a variety of accessories.

I have been doing this all wrong. My routine takes exactly 14 minutes. Whether I pack for a weekend or three years, I will take the same stuff: A pair of jeans, shorts, a few knit shirts and sneakers. If it's cold I'll take a sweatshirt and a coat.  

Tonight our conversation went like this:

Deb: "You are NOT taking those same shorts, are you?"

Me: "Yes I am."

"I bought you a dozen new shorts, Why aren't you taking them?"

"Because I don't like those and I need only one pair."

"We are going to be gone for two weeks."

"And your point is ..."

"You can't wear the same shorts for two weeks. And these jeans. You need last least three or four. You can't wear the same ones the whole time."


"Okay, you agree?"

"Okay, I want this conversation to end."

Man ... it is quiet in the house.

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