Sunday, August 24, 2014

Not Again!

Call me insensitive and cold ... but I think the ice bucket challenge is annoying.

Before you egg my house, you should also know that I have already donated to ALS and am very sensitive to the plight of ALS patients.

Also, being in the business of fundraising for more than 35 years, I have to take off my hat to the folks that created a gimmick that has spread the word about ALS like wildfire and raised quite a bit of money as well.

All that said ... it still is annoying.

Deb and I were challenged by a number of people. We donated and then passed on the ice water challenge. Neither of us are feeling guilty and neither of us feel like we missed out on the new craze.

So ... we have created a new challenge: To throw a bucket of ice on someone that doesn't expect it at a time that would be most embarrassing. The first group to get drenched would be all those who have posted on the internet.

And THEY all have to give money. 

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