Sunday, February 9, 2014

At Boca (life is) Grande

Spent the weekend with Linda and Randy Simmons at their very cool place in Boca Grande.

Oh ... that's not Linda and Randy in the picture. Those are their Retrievers ... Tebow and Rocky. Randy is a Gator and Linda is (yes) a Bull.

Good times last night as we ate some New Orleans style gumbo, étouffée and crawfish balls at the Boca Grande Community Center.

Then, the special treat of the evening: A few hours of music and dancing with the Pine Leaf Boys, a young Cajun group that won critical acclaim nationally (including a few Grammy nominations).

One of the lead singer/musicians is a guy named Wilson Savoy who plays accordion and piano. When I looked him up, it was as I suspected ... he's a huge Jerry Lee Lewis fan (me too) ... his style mirrors old Jerry Lee in vocals and keyboard. The other lead was a great fiddle player, Courtney Granger, who can do a fusion of Cajun and classical and was born in the thriving metropolis of Eunice, Louisiana.

Yes ... it made me homesick.

Later, we had a drink at the Gasparilla Inn/Hotel. What a magnificent facility. Randy told me that it has become the wedding capital of the world. There's one about every week ... including a big wedding for the lady who invented Spanx. (which is apparently the most important invention for women since The Cosmo).

Beautiful house, beautiful pooches and today (as we were leaving) a beautiful day. Thanks R and L for a beautiful weekend!

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