Friday, August 2, 2013

Brain Boy: Week Three: Gifts and Thanks

It was a good day today.

1. I woke up.
2. I walked an extra two blocks.
3. Harry didn't drain fluid and said the lump looked smaller.
4. I finished The Sopranos.
5. I watched SPACEBALLS (the funniest movie ever made .. thanks Mikey)

I also got a couple more special gifts. Debbie and Brent and Stephanie and Del sent me a cool Stetson from Aspen. They sent me a size 20 or something but still didn't fit over my head ... gives me the incentive to get healthy and lose some more fluid (yes that IS what it is despite what my friends think).

My staff sent me a basket of fruit from Harry and David. Not sure whether Harry or David delivered it but it is delicious. They also sent a dvd of a staff created special original production "Laughter is the Best Medicine". I have to admit it rivaled Spaceballs ... everyone was funny (well everybody except for Steve Blair .. give me back the Emmy! And Noreen who reminded me I was the weakest link. And Donor Relations who played beer pong in the conference room and used my name in a drinking game. And Rob who used fake tears to give my eulogy.) There were other personal jokes that I will not talk about to protect the ... guilty. Love you guys.

Got a "star" robe from Mindy and Neil. I wear it every day. It's got my initial on it. I paid Debbie big bucks to ask me for my autograph when I lounge on the couch.  What a great gift ... really,  Other thanks since my last blog go to my in-laws for edible fruit and Steve and Holly too. Judy and Eric for making a donation to Menorah Manor in my name (while I'm alive).

Life is good!

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