Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brain Boy: Day 23: Yo ... Bruce ... Guess Who?

Just when I was going through withdrawal after getting the shunt to reduce my head size and not needing the headgear I had gotten so attached to, I opened a gift from Randy and Linda. It's called Buff. A combination do-rag, cap, scarf and 342 other permutations. At the same time I got a really cool Sopranos tee shirt from my dear friend Debra from The Patterson Foundation.

So ...Here's the new me: let me introduce Little Steven Van Zandt Momberg (formerly ... in my dreams ... Silvio Dante, Sopranos Consiglieri and a founding member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.)

By the way, Bruce I know you follow my blog religiously and in a few short weeks (months) I can join you on tour. Okay ... maybe not lead guitar but piano ... Roy Bittan? I have more hair than Roy ... We are the same age. I can do it Bruce. Show the picture to Stevie ... he's always acting anyway. I can fake the Jersey thing ... I ve got a few friends who can teach me how to talk (F***in' Aldo and Naz and Joe and ... ). They'd do it for f***in' tickets ... Bruce? ... Bruce?


Anonymous said...

Joel--your colleagues at The Patterson Foundation continue to follow your creative blog and are energized by your humor.

Nancy Henry get credit for finding your new Soprano's tee!

With ongoing supportive thoughts, prayers and hopes,

joel said...

Debra .. many thanks for "following" my offbeat journey. Thanks to Nancy for the cool tee and hope to see you guys very soon ... as you know I'm one of your biggest fans. You help make a difference in so many lives through your generosity.

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