Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brain Boy Day 5

My lower front teeth woke up yesterday afternoon.

I was happy to hear from them, but I'm not sure they felt the same way. They must have been having nightmares while they were out because they woke up angry at my jaw.

Thank heavens for painkillers. Today, my teeth seem to like me again.

Now if only I can get the rest of the right side of my head to wake up with a better attitude, life would be sweeter.  

For now... my forehead, my right eye and the right side of my nose still have no feeling. But I know I have to be patient ... I just went 20 rounds with Ali.

So I started to imagine what I could do with this numbness "talent" in the meantime:

1. Stupid Bar Tricks.  Picture this ... walk into a bar and slam a few drinks down. Look down the bar at the biggest and meanest dude in the place and tell him that you bet you can jam a fork in your forehead without flinching. Better still ... he can jam it in your head ... or ... better still ... take bets that you will buy anybody else a drink if you fail ... but if you do they owe you a hundred bucks apiece.

2. Audition for "I should have had a V8" commercial. With the promise of unlimited retakes  and the promise of being the permanent stand-in might be profitable.

3.  Tell someone off that you always wanted to without the fear of retribution.

No one scares you.

4. Wait a minute ... she might.


Time to sleep again ... later!


Bobby Allan said...

Oh my gosh! I'm just catching up on my blog reading. I'm so glad that you had a successful surgery and that they didn't remove your sense of humor. That fork thing would be pretty funny! Take it easy during your recovery. Big hugs to you~

joel said...

Thanks Chrissy. Gotta keep it light ... Right? Hugs back at ya.

Ms.Jen said...

oh lord... what would i do without your stories???
i am so glad you are 'almost' feeling better!!
still think my 'nursing' would have been good... :-)
especially with my BIG themometer...
Ms. Jen

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