Saturday, June 15, 2013

NC Bound

Friday morning I boarded Delta Flight 969 to Atlanta which connected to Delta Flight 3844 to Asheville. Why am I giving you my flight itinerary, you might ask? Well ... I just thought you should know this in case someone might come up to you and ask ... "Say ... do you know how Joel traveled to Asheville this past weekend?"

But I digress (or regress).

I should have opened this posting with the reason for my journey. My nephew Kyle and his fiancĂ© are getting married in Cashiers (pronounced cashurs for the non Carolina bunch.) It's the latest in our string of destination weddings that are designed for a few close family and friends (usually under 50) but in my family that means 200.

After a smooth Atlanta flight, I boarded the shuttle flight to Asheville and to my surprise I had a broken video monitor and I was seated next to a small fellow of 400 pounds. He sat in his seat and half of mine. Fortunately it was a 45 minute flight and my right butt cheek woke right up a few hours later.

My brother-in-law Mark picked me up at the Ashville airport. He and I were the last to arrive on Friday as we both worked earlier this week and we missed the pre-wedding madness that consumed our wives. It's about an hour drive to Cashiers but we found out that by adding just one more short hour ... we could detour to Cherokee. Guess what? There's a casino there. Figuring no one would miss us for a while, we spent time at Harrah's.

You know ... there's limited phone service up here. We tried to call our wives but could not get a signal. There was a rehearsal dinner that night and we sped down the highway happily counting our winnings and glancing at all the gun shops, barbeque restaurants and Dairy Queens lined up along the highway. We made great time, found our rental units, were greeted happily by our wives and kids (eventually) and were off o the rehearsal dinner for a big plate of ... you guessed it ... barbeque.

Keli was there telling stories of seeing rows of Christmas trees on a mountain (wondering if they would be lit up one night and why some were so tiny). She was amazed to know that people actually grew these for sale. (I think she must have thought that they were hatched from reindeer). There were many more comments that I can't write here. But needless to say there was a lot of beer and a lot of wine.

As we were leaving I heard someone say. "Party at Momberg's place." Really? Really. Beer Pong was talked about right before I closed my bedroom door and went to sleep.

Wedding tomorrow.     

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