Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's A BOY

This is a picture of my new GRANDSON!

He's in there ... I know because Nikki sent me proof. The pressure is on now. For her? No ... all she has to do is throw up for a few months, carry around about 20 extra pounds(I've done much more for years) and then ... what ... birth the baby and name him and raise him?

Piece of cake.

I have the hard job. I have to figure out what I want to be called. Now THAT is stressful. Should I be Papa (like Bob)? Grampy (like Sam)? Paw (like Brother in law Tom)?

Maybe I'll try a different name out every month while the kid is too little to know the difference: Hmmm ... maybe Kingfish (Mikey calls me that) ... or Mardi Gras Mom-bo (nickname from high school) ... or Jo-EL (Keli's fav) ... or Mumboig(Coach Reeechahd called me that) ...  

You have any ideas of cool grandfather names ... I'd love to know what your favs are. SEND THEM.

Nikki told me not to stress over this. As it turns out ... The baby decides. Can you believe that? He will start to call me something regardless of what I want.

Speaking of names ... I wonder what Nik and Steven are gonna name him. Based on the baby's first picture (at left) I might recommend "Johnson".

What's that you say? It's his fist?

Oh well ... Rocky has a nice ring. 

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