Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bras and Bros

My job is never boring.

I meet so many new people every day and travel to interesting places (... sometimes even Land O'Lakes, Florida ) to visit friends and alumni of USF. Often, I have the pleasure of breaking bread and chatting about what these fine folks do for a living.

The other night I was at a dinner seated next to a woman who was a CEO of a bra company. I learned that 70% of women didn't know if their bras fit correctly. I found this most interesting from a guy's perspective ... I know when my boxers don't fit IMMEDIATELY.

A couple of weeks ago. I reconnected with a friend that I grew up with in New Orleans and hadn't seen in years. He's done quite well for himself, bought and sold a few sports teams and is a serial entrepeneur. He and I compared notes about about long lost friends. Loved this ... "So Joel ... How's your mom and dad? I remember your dad's name on that carpet store on Veterans and your mom never let us wear shoes in the house .... she didn't want scuff marks on the plastic runners on the carpets." That was my mom.

Talked to an interesting guy this morning. He told me that he needed $2.75 to get gas for his car that his wife and kids sat in a few blocks away. I offered to follow him down the street but anazingly he just ran away. You know I thought about that ... might be a great fundraising idea.

He did a nice job on the sign. 

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