Monday, January 14, 2013

Blues Brothers Do it GENSHAFT STYLE!

"I hope I don't split my pants!"
We are back!

Well ... we WERE back on Friday night at the Second Annual "Bandaids for Bridge Talent Show/Fundraiser", produced by the Medical Students at USF Morsani Medical School.

Wow that's a mouthful huh?

Dean Steve Klasko and I returned as the Blues Brothers and sang "Shake a Tail Feather ". We made it through one whole verse and a chorus until Steve stopped the show (a rehearsed stop, by the way) and said ..... "Hey Ellwood. We gotta do something more cutting edge like our Med School ... we are TOO old school!" I of course said "Naaaah" but was convinced to try it out.

At that point, Debbie and Steve's wife Colleen came out on stage and helped us into white tux jackets and big sunglasses.

We became PSY and his brother ... PSY (I guess) and did the "Gangam (Style)" song to new lyrics and called it "Genshaft Style" for our fearless leader Judy Genshaft.

Klasko: "I'm an obstetrician and my trade is catching babies  (he slid under my legs and turned to "deliver" a baby)

As dean I work with students hard so they walk around like zombies (yes babies and zombies ... tough rhyme huh?)

Cause with CAMLS, Obamacare and running USF Health there be no restin'

So the USF med students ... the others they be bestin' (your guess is as good as mine)."

Well ... fortunately because of our dancing and singing no one paid attention to Klasko's lyrics ... they were laughing too hard.

Hey ... by the way ... we came in third!

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