Monday, October 8, 2012

Irish Adventures Part 1

Just got home from Ireland. I went through withdrawal without access to my computer so I am writing it all now.

Sunday morning ... our journey began.

Debbie and Dennie, twin sisters who were celebrating their (fill in the blank) birthday, were flying to Ireland with Tom and I. That's right ... Ireland ... on Delta. 

Those familiar with our airline disasters will love this one.

I was not feeling quite myself on Sunday. I had no energy and really could not open my eyes. We ordered breakfast at the airport and I fell asleep in my omelette. I can't tell you what the conversation was but I know it was something like ... "What the hell's wrong with him? Move his sleeve ... He's in my coffee." 

Meanwhile our ever-present stand by status was in jeopardy ... What started out as plenty of space turned into a waiting list of 325 ... We didn't even make it to New York. They propped me up in a corner while Debbie frantically searched the computer for alternate routes ... Finland, Vietnam, Cairo ... 


Even Dennie helped.

Even Tom ... wait ... he didn't help ... he was doing a few emails to Doug. 

We decided to go through Atlanta . There was a window. (Actually ... That window was really the next day.) 

After I walked into the Ladies Bathroom and wiped the drool off my shirt (all true) ... I realized I had accidentally taken a strong form of Xanax that looked exactly like the small dose of synthroid I take in the morning. Ironically, the Xanax was prescribed by a doctor friend for sleeping on long fllights.


Our luck changed on Monday in Atlanta. We all got Business Class to Ireland, I was not comatose, Debbie was now a genius ... And we were off.  

(I was really still a little comatose .. or maybe just a little bit ... stoned.)


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