Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nikki, This One's For You

Seems like only yesterday that Nikki (at 2 years old) was sitting on her bed, dressed in a ballerina outfit, telling me that she was going to be a doctor and live in France. Today, she's a doctor ... living in Savannah ... just down the road from a French restaurant (okay, I made that up but there might be one close by).

She also just got engaged a few days ago to a great guy. They are both very happy and very much in love.

I am so proud of my daughter who has worked so hard to get where she is today and who was my first born and the light of my life (Josh and Alissa ... sorry but she was the first, you know?).

I'll always remember ...

... the hundreds of trips to soccer practice and games, watching her zip past defenders and score goals

... sitting in the stands for volleyball games where she patiently waited her turn in rotation because she was so much shorter than the other players ... but so valuable as a defender

... listening to her play the piano at the recitals that she did for me because it really wasn't high on her bucket list even at 6. She was very good.

... fixing her peanut butter sandwiches and packing her school lunch with a note that had a corny joke.

... carrying her around the block when she was a baby almost every time we went out for dinner. She could not sit still ... ever.

... worrying about her when she had her first date and following her to the mall. She was mortified.

... helping her pick out her first training bra (actually we did that as a family). She was even more mortified.

... walking her out on the football field when she was crowned Homecoming Queen where she whispered that she was much more comfortable in cleats.

... watching her graduate on stage as Salutatorian in high school and "hooding" her on stage at USF when she graduated from Medical School.

She is brilliant, beautiful and still ... my little girl.


And Nikki, when you read this ... remember two things:

1. All the mistakes and the embarrassing or dumb things I did as your father ... don't take yourself too seriously when you do the same things to your children. It's all part of growing up (one day I might grow up too).

2. I love you.


Anonymous said...

aww, she is very pretty, a Dr. wow, congrats to you all. Mary in NY

joel said...

Thank you Mary.

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