Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Car Talk

I got a new car today.

Sure I'm excited. It's a little bigger and roomier than my last car ... both are Infinitis.

That's the extent of my technical expertise.

SO ...  I decided instead to write about the features that aren't in the "book".

1. USF Parking Sticker. This sticker was on my last car and transferred to the new one. It wasn't done fast enough, apparently. The last couple of days, I had a loaner car and parked it in my designated spot. It was both ticketed and "booted" in the span of two days. My assistant saved me by throwing herself in front of the security golf cart in an effort to reason with the campus police. They were convinced that I was a criminal and had to protect my parking space from ... myself. Thank heavens I am once again "legal".

2. Debbie's car. This has nothing to do with my car's features ... just wanted you to see that my car has already made a friend.

3.   GPS map. Really cool. Now it even "tells" you what to expect ahead on the road as you are driving. It's the same chick that talked to me in the other car. On the way home we found out that we had "a severe flood ahead". It hadn't started raining yet so we figured she was talking about the lady who was watering her lawn in our neighborhood.

4. The Text While Driving Button. Get this ... when you activate this switch, the car automatically stops when the car in front of you stops suddenly and you are not watching the road. It also beeps at you when you switch lanes without putting your turn signal on. Finally, I can play Words With Friends and drink my coffee while I drive to work ... safely.

5. Race paddle shifters. Because this car is an automatic, I'm really not sure why you would want this feature (which allows you to shift gears quickly). Might be useful if you made a wrong turn and wound up in Indianapolis.

6. IPhone Bluetooth. This to me is the MOST important feature of this car. It will play the music from your IPhone wirelessly. You still have to find the song you want on your phone as you scroll your playlist ... but don't worry ... the Text While Driving Button will protect you while you do this.

7. Bose Speakers on the headrest. In case you can't hear the other 14 speakers surrounding your head. This is a MUST.

By the way ... there are lots of other cool things that I haven't tried yet. I think the car makes breakfast, washes your clothes and even tucks you in... while you're driving!


Unknown said...

Cool! I just remember the good ole days when you were driving the wood panel station wagon transporting three kids to school! Congrats on your new ride!

joel said...

Joycee seems like yesterday. Tx!

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