Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Adventure Begins

Today we traveled to The Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios.

Debbie kept saying she didn't want to go there and get wet ... and she refused to wear a bathing suit. I reassured her that it wasn't Adventure Island at Busch Gardens ... different Park.

She was okay until she saw a big picture of one of her ex-boyfriends (left) some Pecker named Woody.

She carried two stuffed toys (Despicable Me's) that we won at the squirt gun game in the arcade area. Actually, she won them ... one by a long shot and the other I barely beat her with help from one of the carnies.

I found a new girlfriend in the Comic Land ... or whatever the name of that land was ...

Betty Boop.

She talked funny and her lipstick didn't cover her whole lips but she was kinda cute. (A little old fashioned for my taste but she was sweet).

Harry Potter has a whole land to himself. Of course we had to visit even though we were the only people on earth to have never seen a movie or read a book about the little guy.

This is the castle that we tried to get into. There was a three day wait in line ... that was with an Express Pass.

We went on a few rides ... like Spiderman ... but figured we'd pass on some of the roller coasters that flipped you upside down when we spotted a net above us with stuff like sunglasses, watches, false teeth and a couple of small children with dirty diapers.

Tomorrow ... Universal Studios.

(No Debbie ... there is no dress code).

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