Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Not For Sissies

A really scary thing happened to me today.

I was shaving in the bathroom when I saw a fat old guy looking right at me. At first, I didn't recognize him although he did look a lot like my old man. I called for Debbie to help me out.

"Debbie. Who is that?"

"Um .... off hand I'd say it was you, honey."

"That's not me ... that guy is so much older than me."

Stupid mirrors. Never liked them. There's only one thing worse than mirrors ... cameras. Funny how we never picture ourselves as being older. In my mind ... I'm still skinny, have hair and look maybe ... 40. In the mirror I'm ... older.

Facebook does the same thing.

Many of my former students (from 30 plus years ago) have found me on Facebook. They were 12 ... now they are in their 40s. One student, Katherine, who is as honest and straight forward today as she was 30 years ago "friended" me. I wrote her a message that she truly looked the same, I couldn't believe it.

She said, "Yes I know ... but you look old ... REALLY OLD."

I'd de-friend her if I knew how.


kathrynwat said...

Oh Joel! I was kidding, really! Maybe you looked old then too and I just didn't notice because I was twelve and the universe revolved around only me. Please don't unfriend me!!

joel said...

@Kath ... Now I feel MUCH better!

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