Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sam on Saturday

"Sansabelt ... you remember me telling you about Sansabelt?"

Sam began this discussion right in the middle of his in depth evaluation of his life ... over the last 89 years. He stopped and switched gears after asking me why my brother and I left home so soon (when we were 21) and why I didn't like the retail business (selling shoes to poor people on Dryades Street).

"Yes, I remember Sansabelt," I answered hoping that I could engage in at least one of his conversation tracks.

"Well, I thought they went out of business .. you remember?"

" I think so ... that was right before you went into severe withdrawal about missing the polyester beltless plaid pants that you so loved right?"

"Guess what?"

"You found them."

"Right ... and there's a store right here in Tampa."

"That's great. want me to get you a couple of pairs?

"No! Do you know they sell for $99 now. I remember when they were only $35."

"Dad ... that was probably 30 years ago."

"I'm not gonna pay that much."


There was a brief pause as he looked over 3 small pieces of paper that apparently had critical information for him to make such an important decision.

"I think you go past this store on the way to work."

"Hey ... I'll be happy to get you a pair of Sansabelts if you want them."

"Well ... I called Harry at the store yesterday and he told me that he had two different colors."

"What are the colors?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know what the two colors are?"

"Harry said he's got the material for me to look at."

"Do you want me to take you to the store to look at them?"

"No ... I'm not gonna buy pants for $99. Do you pay $99 for pants?"

"Yes ... sometimes more."


"No I don't wear Sansabelt."

"You should. They're good pants."

"Dad ... tell me what you want to do. I know you want them. I'll be happy to get them. What does Harry have in stock?"

"Nothing ... he has to special order them."

"So let's go down and talk to Harry and order a pair."

He puts the papers down.

"Say ... you think you could bring me a pot pie one day?"

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