Friday, July 2, 2010

Where in the World are We?

"Let's look for flights ..."

I said this to my wife yesterday. Being the great planners that we both are ... we were talking about going away for July 4th weekend. It was only a day away ... plenty of time.

"Where should we go?" She asked.

"Well ... we could go visit the kids."

"Nikki is working all weekend at the hospital and Alissa has plans for the fourth."

"Okay ... then we'll go somewhere else."


"I don't know where do you want to go?"

"Um ... wherever you want to go."

"Maybe somewhere we haven't been."

"Any ideas?"

"Ummmmmm ...."

No ... I won't bore you with the rest of our 2 hour dialogue of "I dunno". We went back and forth ... looked up everything we could think of on the computer ... even looked at a map and just pointed to general areas in the US. Crazy stuff ... Debbie retired from Delta Airlines about 5 years ago ... so we can fly for free anywhere in the world. People would kill for that! We can't even decide where to go. When we do ... of course ... there is no space available and we spend all day at the airport until we can find a flight with seats.

So we decided this morning to go to our (my) favorite city once again ... Las Vegas ... on Southwest Airlines.

Makes perfect sense ... right?

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