Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Support of Good Taste

I realized the other day ... when I posted Gloria's picture from Modern Family ... that some of you might have thought I was just putting a picture of a beautiful girl with big boobs to increase readership.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, I despise the bloggers that will stop at nothing just to create more readership. The posting of obscenely large breasted women, offers of free merchandise, promises of making large amounts of money ... all are not on my agenda.

I get the same thing in unsolicited emails ... and I am tired of it. Do they think we are really influenced by this garbage? I am continually amazed by the lack of good taste and sensitivity that primarily men, unfortunately, show when posting or creating these sites.

You will NEVER see any pictures of sexy women with big breasts again on my site ... I can guarantee that!

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Toni said...

Nice boobs! I like how the blue suit squishes them into perfection. I need a suit that can do that all over my body! Maybe I should include penis pictures on my blog just to increase readership of the over-horny, undersexed reader.

joel said...

@Toni ...

I dunno ... I read your blog and it looks like you've already gone with the male skin game.

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