Saturday, May 15, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Well ... just as I went "easin' down the road" .... some damn flying monkey grabbed me.

Yep. I was sent back to the hospital because my PVCs started to create "real ugly patterns on the EKG" as one of the ER nurses put it so eloquently. She added other stuff like ... "The other nurses couldn't believe you could really walk in here" ... and ... "I'm gonna take this picture (EKG chart) home with me."

I kept saying over and over ... PVCs are not life threatening .... PVCs are not life threatening .... then they wheeled in the defibrillator JUST IN CASE.

So I closed my eyes, clicked my heels and said "There's No Place Like Home ... There's No Place Like Home ..."

When I opened my eyes ... I was still here! But at least that damned monkey was gone.

Okay, I know what you're saying .... Enough of the Oz references!  I agree ...

So anyway, I did get admitted again ... and now I'm here waiting for Dr. Gallardo (Country Bear) to adjust my meds or sign me up for the ablation (zapping the part of the heart that is causing the irregular heart beats). So, while I'm waiting for my next big adventure ... I'll share my hospital photo album with you.

Here is a picture of my roomie getting some exercise. The nurses encourage patients to walk the halls and move around so you don't get listless or (for longer stays) don't get bed sores. As you can see ... he has no bed sores.

Nurses also get bored and their only real chance for comedy relief is to point, stare and quietly laugh at the patients. Well ... some aren't so quiet.

This is not my nurse.

This IS my nurse.

These are some of my new friends on the patient floor. They get together often. I sense that they have been here a long time ... tell lots of stories and have funny scars on their heads.

These are residents on "Rounds". That's a term used in teaching hospitals for the best and brightest young residents as they follow the attending doctor around and look smart. The resident (who is pictured second on the right) is proud of the fact that he found a new app on his iphone called "isurgery" where he can actually do hernia repairs while watching reruns of Entourage.

Oh well ... here comes Dr. Country Bear ... be still my heart!


Toni said...

Well, I guess my country saying of "Bless your heart" really does apply in this situation! I hope you are feeling better. I also hope that mean looking nurse has a better ass than your roomie. May your PVCs, EKGs, PQRs, MLNs, and XYZs all come back in perfect order. Get well soon.

joel said...

@Toni ... Big Nurse had a nice ass from what I remembered. Thanks Toni. I'm taking it a day at a time. And fortunately all seems to be benign.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll zap your heart to keep better time than most of the drummers you've been stuck with over the years. So glad you seem to have kept your sense of humor intact!
You're in my thoughts and prayers,
Ann @ ACH

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