Saturday, January 16, 2010

They Said What?

There's a facebook ad today that reads:

Attention Florida Residents.
If you are a 60 year old male you may qualify for $250 in free gas.

Are you kidding? Gas and 60 year old men? First of all ... I didn't know there was a charge for that ... and secondly ... if there is, 60 year old males could go through $250 in about ten minutes.

Here's another one:

California olive oil pressed October 2009! Fresh unfiltered Sevillano has a full flavor and an aroma reminiscent of artichokes!

Is it me ... or do you really want your olive oil to taste like artichokes?

How about this one:

Rolling Razor

Changing Shaving Forever! Holiday specials 30% off & Free shipping

Yeah ... changing shaving forever as you change your FACE forever. This contraption looks like a cross between brass knuckles and handcuffs with a blade on the end! I particularly like "holiday specials" in the middle of January. Must be a BIG seller.

Here's one you WON'T see on Facebook ... but an interesting way to promote darts:

Next time he'll get you a beer faster.

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