Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Latkes Anyone?

So here's one for you ....

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Two Midwestern families are hoping for a little leftover holiday spirit -- and cash -- after they found what appear to be crosses inside potatoes. Bidding for the two potatoes kicked off on eBay this week. One was found by an Iowa family and the other by a police detective in Ohio. Jim Gross of Marion, Iowa, says his wife was peeling the potato on New Year's Eve when she found the mysterious cross shape in the potato's eye. It's now on sale on eBay for $2.

Det. Dennis Bort of the Berea, Ohio, police department, says he found the cross shape in the potato on Christmas Day. Bort says he's selling his spud for $1,000. He hasn't yet found any bidders, and says he's happy to keep it if no one buys it.

I found this out from my good friend, Nancy Alexander of WMTX Radio (Mix 100.7) in Tampa. (Being in radio means that Nancy doesn't have a real job ... so she's got lots of time to cut out articles from Iowa newspapers about potato crosses.) She is also one of the funniest people I know.

She sent this message to me because I am Jewish (probably the only Jew she knows) and knew that I would of course want to protest the blatantly biased media coverage of this Christian event ... an obvious insensitivity to the feelings of my people who were ONCE AGAIN excluded in holiday religious events of huge proportions ... like the potato cross story.

I mentioned to Nancy that once ... many years ago ... I found the entire printed works of the Five Books of Moses inside of a Japanese Plum which had fallen in my back yard ... and NO ONE covered it. Not one media outlet ... big or small ... came to interview me.

It now resides on the doorposts of my house.

The Japanese Plum ... as Nancy related ... reflects the similarities which exist between Buddhists and Jews. That point had escaped me at the time ... but her references to Yid and Yang brought it all home.

And ... as the Buddhists teach ... suffering is part of life. I must get used to it and understand it.

Oy ... how I know dat!

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