Saturday, September 22, 2018

I Lost It!

That's right ... I lost it. But I found it again. Took me a few weeks and a loss of more hair but it's back.

By the way, I am talking about my website domain.

I've owned this site for almost 20 years. I pay about $10 a year for it. Google controls it and I've never had any concerns from day one.

The world changed  three weeks ago.

That's when I opened up my website to find a message that said "this site is available for sale". REALLY? I was panicked. I looked for a number to call.

There was none.

There were 153 options to contact GSuite (Google) technical help. ALL of them involved manually typing on your computer through your account. MINE WAS CLOSED. So what do you do when you don't have an account anymore because someone made an error with your website? I left messages on line, and like everyone else, waited days until a robot answered me with automatic messages. Finally ... I kid you not ... I was talking on line via text to a tech support person who told me the only way to get noticed is by TWEETING about GSuite and how disappointing the service was. So I did.

It worked!   

I got a reply immediately from a real person and a real phone number. It gets better. I was told that my new service was on Go Daddy. Go Daddy? What's a Go Daddy? I wasn't aware that these providers contract out to others on your behalf without your knowledge. So I was sent to them and they informed me that my site had been bought! I couldn't believe that this was happening. Apparently my account had expired and no one contacted me. When this happens, the site becomes available for anyone to purchase. They said someone else claimed it, and for only $69 they could TRY to buy it back for me. But ... they cautioned ... sometimes these site "trollers" buy these sites and then resell for ridiculous amounts of money.

I was in the middle of Domain Hell.

Just as I was ready to give up, I connected with someone who ... believe it or not ... knew what they were doing. Sad world when you get really excited to talk to someone who can actually tie their own shoes but that's where I was.

He told me that whoever gave me the information that my site was resold was mistaken. He painstakingly took me through the process of transferring my account to a new one that was secure and helped me upload my old information.


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Anthea said...

Yay for the internet Gods!!


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